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According to Marie Pizano, the word “no” is not in her vocabulary.  She  simply says, “I Can” and “I Will”.  Her memoir, From Barefoot to Stilettos tells the story of her life thus far, from her childhood days of living on food stamps, gangs and double-dutching on the streets of south-side Chicago to surviving a life changing accident, moving to Memphis and living a trophy-wife life, dealing with the mean girls, the monster-in-law, panic attacks, becoming a mother, to her post-divorce years and defeating the odds of building an entertainment powerhouse, all while rediscovering herself, her life, and her power. Through explorations of her own past and present tense, Marie reflects on how the sum of her trials and triumphs shaped her into the empowered woman she became during her incessant quest to find her...

Book Review by Morgan Freeman

Actor, Producer, Director

The inspiring first person story of a woman driven to prove to the world that she can.”

July 14th, 2015

Kirkus Reviews

From Barefoot to Stilettos Review – A personal story about traveling a long road to empowerment and self-sufficiency. One woman recounts her rags-to-riches journey.

Bill Luckett

Attorney, Mayor

“A story of a gutsy lady intent on surviving in a rough tough world. …because she was “as tough as cardboard” she fought her way into a career in the entertainment business. A good read for aspiring entrepreneurs”

Josh Pastner

Memphis Tigers

“Her open and honest story of her journey through the trenches is a great read, and I would recommend it to anyone in need of a little extra motivation. She embodies qualities that outstanding athletic teams strive for…”

William Wright

Liberty Church

“The encouraging aspects and the transparency is within itself phenomenal. I believe this book has the ability to encourage the discouraged, and renew the “I can do it spirit” of many that will be privileged to read this book.”

Whitney Johnson

MVP3 Media

“Marie Pizano’s recollections illustrate the pivotal moments & candid reflections on her past, she reveals how standing at the edge of a proverbial cliff and deciding to jump was the only way to bring herself to life.”

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